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DOSBox-related repositories

DOSBox-X fork based on DOSBox-X 0.82.1
DOSBox-X fork based on DOSBox-X 0.82.7, buildable without special SDL
DOSBox fork based on DOSBox 0.74-2, for use on Emscripten

DOSBox-0.74.2-em demos
Demo 1 Demo 2

DOSBox-X on Emscripten

NEW: Neko Project 21 Kai on Emscripten
Slow (cannot achieve even 486 25MHz on my PC), but at least it works now...
repo: yksoft1/NP2kai
demo: Touhou 4 Touhou-Gensokyo

NEW: Neko Project II/21 (original) on Emscripten
NP21kai cannot run Touhou 1 Touhou-Reiiden without graphic glitches, so I ported yui's original NP2/NP21..
I don't know why NP2 uses so much CPU with SDL2 frontend, it's core (both 286 and 386) is in fact very efficient..
repo: yksoft1/np2-em
demo: Touhou 1 Touhou-Reiiden
I also got NP2 to work with (modified) Emularity.
demo: Touhou 1 Touhou-Reiiden

NEW: X millennium (Sharp X1 emulator) on Emscripten
X millennium is partly developed by NP2's original author so it's architecture is almost the same of NP2, with a basically identical SDL2 frontend.
So the porting is just to port all changes from np2-em.
repo: yksoft1/xmil
demo: Various X1 OS and games

NEW: Mini vMac for Emscripten

Demos require WebAssembly.
Touhou 4 Touhou-Gensokyo (C) ZUN SOFT / Touhou Project 1998.
Thexder II Firehawk (C) Sierra / Game Arts 1990.
DeluxePaint-II (C) Electronic Arts 1988.